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Thufir-Andy Ransom

   I originally got my interest in computers in about 1983. At the time, Windows wasn't used on very many systems, so I learned DOS at that time. A few years later, I needed to learn Windows 3.1 and all that went with it. I used 3.1 and the windows programs for years, and nothing had changed much other than the options within the different programs - Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Quatro-Pro, and others. Since that time, I have either worked on or with computers in almost everything I've done, including data entry, technical support, sales of software and hardware, and, of course, writing documents or playing games on my own time.

   Around 1986, I first saw the internet. At the time, SLIP, PPP, and the WWW were not very popular, so I was using a UNIX shell to do all email, newsgroups, telnet, and anything else I wanted to do at the time. Two years later, when "The Web" became known, I started browsing, like millions of others around the world at the time. Originally I wasn't much interested, because I, like most at the time, did not think "The Web" would last very long. Eventually, as everyone realized that it was here to stay, I started picking up all the information I could about HTML. It is amazing what has happened with the HTML technologies since then. Originally, we had HTML. Now we have the possibilities of DHTML, ActiveX, Java, VBScript, JavaScript, VRML, and many other technologies available to us.

   In order for a web site to succeed now, it must be designed well. One of the many reasons I got interested in Vision Palace was just for this reason. There are many WWW sites on the internet that have great content, but the design and layout of the page is not so great. Many people who visit these sites once often do not return. For web pages designed for business, this can be damaging to the company. The quality seen on the internet, in many eyes, reflects the quality of the business itself. Our goal at Vision Palace is to help you, the customer, create the design you need, for the content you have.

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